How I fake that warm yummy window light in my photos

Light is so crucial in photography and even the smallest change in light can make a huge impact.

I love the golden hour and that warm backlight you can get in your camera. Come on, I know you’re with me on that one! What I don’t love is how short the golden hour is and how you have to act fast and time everything just right. So what’s a girl to do when she wants the feel of warm, hazy light oozing into the frame? She fakes it of course!

My trick is simple and subtle, I place an Ice Light with a gel on it to warm the light up at the edge of the frame exactly like I would the setting sun. Bam – yummy warm and hazy light creeping in! I don’t do this with all my photos (I do like to work with the sun when I have the chance) but I’ve done this with a fare share of photos of still life and my kids.

This is what the photo looks like all natural. It’s perfectly fine but I want more light.

photo of flowers with boring light by April Nienhuis

Here is a pullback showing where the light is in relation to the flowers. I put a warm gel on it to get a warmer color of light to more mimic the golden hour.

photo pullback of Ice Light being used by April Nienhuis

And here’s with the extra light. I love the warmer glow coming into the frame.

after picture of flowers with the Ice Light to create backlight by April Nienhuis

Author: April Nienhuis

Lover of thunderstorms and despiser of socks, I live in rural Oklahoma with my firefighter/EMT husband and our 3 homeschooled kids. I spend my days deep in blogging, SEO, and social media as I teach photography to others, helping them capture their memories more beautifully, as the Director of Online Media for Click & Company.

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