Exploring Creative Photography

pic of girl staring at bubble machine by April Nienhuis

I’ve been there, too. We’ve all been there.

Getting bored is actually a great thing. Being bored will help drive you to learn more and create work that you’re excited about again!

photo of red tulips on a white background by April Nienhuis

Come learn with me in my four week creative photography workshop! We will push past the basic rules of photography and explore how to create truly captivating imagery. We’ll study how to break the basic rules of photography to help you tell the story you wish with your pictures. Let’s break out of the mold and tap into your creativity!

Each week we will dive deeply into a new topic in order for you to explore new photography territory.


Reading: textures and how they affect imagery; where to find natural and added textures; how to apply textures in post processing; exposure and how it affects the overall texture of a photo; when underexposure and overexposure works; textures and the intentional application of low and high ISO; how your ISO may affect your color; how to add grain when editing


Reading: understanding depth and isolating subjects; creative tools and techniques to add depth; creating intentional out of focus imagery; unexpected apertures to draw out depth; creative focus lenses (Lensbaby and tilt-shifts); freelensing; the Brenizer method; prisming; adding depth with light (natural and artificial); creative perspectives; how to add depth and blur when editing


Reading: how to draw out motion in photography; how to add movement when there is none; stop motion photography; how to effectively show motion with a slow shutter speed; the techniques of panning; shutter painting; the purpose of neutral density filters; capturing fireworks; star and moon photography;


Reading: breaking compositional rules; effectively cropping your subject; unconventional lens choices; the meaning of colors in your photography; atmospheric white balance; artistic processing; alternative crop ratios

backlit picture of girl in a blue tank top by April Nienhuis

So what are you waiting for?

The next run of Exploring Creative Photography will be in the spring of 2018.