My Story

I am a creative.

I am April and have been shooting for 11 years now. Although I’m not in business, I have been second shooting for Andrea Murphy for 9 years and I absolutely love it.

Second shooting has been a big reason for my creative shooting as I’ve been forced to see outside of the traditional picture in order to add variety to a wedding day. Not only do I teach a workshop, Exploring Creative Photography, but I am also the Director of Online Media for Click & Company.

Getting a little more personal, I have been married to my firefighter/EMT husband for 16 years and we have 3 children (Layla, Finley, and Zoey). We homeschool and very much enjoy our small town life. Other than photography, I enjoy cooking, organizing, decorating, veggie pizza, and anything chocolate. And pie, pie always wins.

With my photography, I hope to show someone the beauty in something that they may have missed otherwise. You know the amazement in your children’s eyes that first time they see snow fall from the sky? I want a viewer to have that same excitement about seeing something ordinary in a new way through my vision and work.